Graduation Show
8th – 13th February 2024

Academy of Fine Arts Munich
Class Nicole Wermers

Work, Comfort, Home (2020)

3 channel video (HD), subtitles, 4 channel sound, 122 min.

Installation View Lothringer 13 Halle, Förderpreise 2020
05/03/2020 - 17/05/2020

All technical systems that claim to have artificial intelligence have been trained beforehand. This applies to facial recognition software as well as to autonomous driving or surveillance cameras in smart homes. Since the spread of digital photography and the Internet, the technical images required for development can be produced, transferred and traded as goods more globally than ever before.

Work, Home, Comfort deals with a data set consisting of 68.8 hours of video material. This archive of images was produced entirely by self-employed Internet workers spread across the globe. The manual, time-consuming work involved in creating data can be outsourced via so-called crowdworking platforms.

The installation consists of two projections. These show different rooms in a family home. This family repeatedly performs given actions from different perspectives in front of the camera. Depending on the installation, a monitor reveals the associated script. The English subtitles are transcripts of the workers‘ conversations that take place in the background of the filming process and are not used in the algorithm‘s final product.

Hollywood in Homes (2019)

1 channel video (HD), color, sound, 6 min.

Hollywood in Homes describes a new approach to outsourcing the creation of moving image material to individuals in their homes.
The work deals with a data set that has been outsourced in its entirety via Amazon Mechanical Turk. A short film was cut from vast amounts of extremely intimate and sometimes poetic video material, in which an artificial intelligence as the narrator voice recites the sentence fragments of the scenes to be performed.
Hollywood in Homes deals with the difficulties that arise when transforming language into images and back again.

On-Demand Workforce (2018)

Installation Views

Fotodok, Utrecht, Netherlands
The Balcony, The Hague, Netherlands
The Grey Space in The Middle, The Hague, Netherlands,
Galerie der Künstler:innen, Munich, Germany


Includes an essay by Moshe Z. Marvit, author of the book 'Why Labor Organizing Should Be a Civil Right: Rebuilding a Middle-Class Democracy by Enhancing Worker Voice'.

Graphic Design in Collaboration with Lukas Engelhardt and Paul Bille.

font → arial
paper → 100g/qm offset uncoated
binding → wire-o, plastic
pages → 118
edition → 28
price → 25€
availabilty → sold out

Facility Management (2017)

Guard I – VIII,, C-Prints, 20 x 14 cm

Branded Clothes, C-Print, 20 x 14 cm

Repetition (Work)
1-channel Hi-8 Video, color, sound, 12 min.